The Publicans are an original 5 piece band playing a lively blend of Irish, Celtic and English folk. Our songs are a foot stomping collection of true and outrageously untrue stories that will lift the mood and raise a smile. Featuring Peeg on mandolin, Jon Bull on piano, Craig Palmer on acoustic guitar, Colin Stroud on bass and Simon Lambert on drums and percussion. Some of us even sing!

The Craic never sounded so good.

Upcoming Gigs

Tap Social - Oxford

Our first gig at this splendid venue

Friday 7th December 2018

Session on from 8.30pm

27, Curtis Industrial Estate, N Hinksey Ln, Oxford OX2 0LX

Tap Social - St Patricks Day - Oxford

The craic never sounded better

Sunday 17th March 2019

Session on from 4.30pm

27, Curtis Industrial Estate, N Hinksey Ln, Oxford OX2 0LX

The Riverside - Midsomer Norton

Bank holiday folkery from the 12 legged beast.

Sunday 5th May 2019

Session on from 9.30pm

115 High St, Midsomer Norton, Radstock BA3 2DA

The Publicans

Sometimes there’s more of us, sometimes less.


Mandolin & Vocals.
Extremely fond of Stowford Press.


Keyboard savant and backing singer.
Loves a pint of London Pride


Vocals and occasional guitar. Likes a cup of tea.


Guitarist, banjo twanger and backing singer.
Rather partial to a Jack Daniels or 10 


Bass player and backing singer.
Can’t get out of bed with out 6 Jeager Bombs
down his neck.


Dummer and backing singer.
Know to comsume Guinness.

Some songs about drinking and stuff

Here’s a few songs from the set
There’s more drunken nonsense on our Bandcamp page.

Steamboat Song

I’ll point two fingers to the sky,
you can kiss my arse goodbye

Listen with...

Stowford Press. When you absolutely, positively got to get completely pissed, accept no substitutes.

The Dublin Stag

Concerns the adventures of the 27 legged beast in the capital of √Čire

Listen with...

Mark recommends
Guinness with a Jameson chaser, repeat.

Wunderbar (the Bastard)

The best pub ever,
where even Death would not set foot.

Listen with...

Peeg recommends Thatchers Gold or a skin full of Thatchers Katy if you really fancy a Wunderbar NDE!

Six ’til Two

The battle of the pay cheque,
as It was in 1981 

Listen with...

15 pints of Hofmeister followed by a scrap in the Jack o’ Lent (for that full 80’s retro feeling)

 ¬© The Publicans 2018